Client area – problems

If you are experiencing problems with your website please raise a support ticket. Please make sure you give a full and thorough description of the problem – it will help me sort the problem out more quickly for you.

Before you raise a support ticket it is worth finding out:

Does the problem happen when using different devices?

Does the problem happen if you are connected to a different internet provider?

Changes not showing up?
This is a common problem. In order to help people to browse the internet more quickly, old pages may be held in a cache (a kind of store) so when you revisit the site you see the page exactly as you last saw it. This speeds things up as the old page is stored on your device and so doesn’t need to be downloaded afresh. most people will not be aware of this unless (like you) they know that what they are seeing is out of date. The cache can be on your device, at your internet provider or on the web hosting server.

There are several ways to resolve the problem

1. Simply closing your device browser (usually using the x in the top right corner) and then re-opening it sometimes solves the problem.

2. Try using a different device

3. Try using a different internet connection

4. Clear your browser cache using instructions here’s-Cache