Getting New Pupils with Google Adwords

Adwords is the name of the programme whereby you can pay for your website to be listed on the first page of Google in the ads section. Effectively you pay for every time that someone clicks through from your ad to visit your website.

There are plenty of tutorials on the internet to help you to set up your campaign. in simple terms the steps are:

  1. Sign up for an adwords account
  2. Set your monthly budget
  3. Put together the wording of your ad
  4. Choose your search terms (eg driving lessons in Liverpool etc)

You will probably expect to pay between 80p and £1.50 per click – some search terms will be more expensive than others..

It may be helpful to have a dedicated landing page on your site that is designed to convert well, so people click through to that page rather than just your homepage.

Adwords does require some degree of technical ability to set up successfully and you should do research to optimise it so you get best value for money.

If this all sounds too much or, if you’d rather put your time into what you do well (teaching people to drive!) then at Wanasite we can run your campaign for you. The cost is £20 to set up and then you pay for the ads that run +£5 per month admin charge. We will send you a monthly invoice with a screenshot from the adwords control panel so you see exactly how many clicks you have got and what you paid.