Ranking in Google

There are literally hundreds of factors that Google takes into account in deciding how to rank a website in search. Among them are ..

Age of site (the older the better)
Speed of loading
Whether people quickly click away from the site
How many pages there are
How much good quality text there is
Use of relevant keywords in the text
Use of relevant keywords in meta tags
Freshness (whether it gets updated at all)
Inbound linking (number and quality)
Internal linking
Social shares
Use of alt attributes for images
Use of header tags
Compliant mark up and coding

… and a whole lot more. So there’s no one magic solution to ranking well.

Some factors are less important than they used to be and may now be of very little importance. These would include inbound linking which used to be a very big factor but not so big now, use of keywords in the domain name and use of keywords in urls. So not only are there many factors but SEO is always changing. In fact there are also bad practices that can negatively affect your ranking. For instance getting lots of spammy links to your site or stuffing your homepage with every conceivable keyword. These can have a short term positive effect but could end up getting your site demoted or even booted out of the index!

What can I do to help improve my ranking?

There are some things that you can do to help get your website to rank well. here are some suggestions…

  1. Get listed by local websites. if you belong to a local club or association see if they will add a link to your site.
  2. Have a facebook page and make sure there is a link to your website on it
  3. Get a google business listing
  4. Write some good quality text for your website to be added as new pages. Subjects could be something like ¬†“How to do an Emergency Stop” or “Advice on buying your first car.