5 steps to boost the effectiveness of Facebook

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If you’ve got a Facebook page for your driving school then you’ve taken a great first step, but just having a Facebook page is not enough, you need to use it to its full potential.

Here are 5 easy steps:

   Update your page with interesting content.
There are all sorts of things you can post. For instance…

  • Highlighting rules from the Highway code
  • A reminder of basic procedures eg MSM or POM
  • Posting the latest waiting times at the local  test centre
  • Posting that you are going to be changing your vehicle and posting a picture of it. The aim is to have a page that people want to visit including your existing pupils.
  • If you have a dash cam post some occasional footage there.
  • In your posts you might want to ask people to comment – for example “I’m shortly going to be changing my car – should I get red or black?” “the waiting time for tests is 10 weeks – what do you think is the ideal?”

   Get your pupils to visit and like your page

Amongst all the admin that needs to be done on the first lesson you might find it a bit awkward. But this is a potentially rewarding step. Mention that you have a Facebook page and that you keep it updated with important information (as per 1 above!)


   Post photos of successful pupils

The potential benefits of this are enormous. Take a photo of your successful pupil at the test centre with their pass certificate and with your car in the background ideally with the headboard or other signage showing your driving school name. Post it to Facebook – and this is an important step – tag them in the photo. Then many of their Facebook friends will see it on their own newsfeed.

   Ask your successful pupils for a Facebook review

Many of your pupils will be very happy to leave a positive review. They have just passed their driving test – they are probably very grateful to you and would just love to express their appreciation!

   Don’t give up.
With all things it’s easy to start with a rush of enthusiasm and then get too busy or lose enthusiasm. People often give up at the very moment they would have started to reap the rewards. Try to post at least once a week and make sure you keep in the habit of doing it. Keep your posts short – two or three sentences is more than enough!

There are far more things that you can do with Facebook than these tips. If you’ve got a tip to share why not head over to Facebook.com/wanasite   and share your own tips or experiences

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