Getting your Google Business Listing

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How to get your driving school in Google’s business listing

One of the most important things to do once you’ve got your website up and running is to get listed at Google Business. This will enable your site to be listed in Google maps and will help with local search results. The “3 pack” of results at the top of the search results for local businesses are all taken from the Google Business listing.

Business listing

So how do you go about getting listed?

Firstly go to and click START NOW

Now enter all your details fully, carefully and accurately using correct capitals etc (this is really important!)

Google business

When completed click on continue. This will then take you to verification. Your address will appear on the screen and select that you want the verification to go to that address. It will normally arrive in about 10 days. In the meantime you can include more details at your business listing. It’s worth updating as much as you can. Add some photos and other business details. The better your entry, the more likely that you will get in the “3 pack” listing!

When your verification arrives, login and enter the code. Review your listing and see if there are any other details you can add.

What happens next?

When you have verified your listing, google will see how it matches up with other information in their index about your business. Does the address and phone number match up? Is the website address you entered the correct website and does it look genuine and reputable?

How do I get my listing in the top 3?

There are no sure fire ways to get in the top 3 but if you follow the previous advice then you’ve made a good start! Here are two more things that you can do:

  1. Get your customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews will definitely help a good ranking (although with google nothing is guaranteed!)
  2. Get listed at reputable local or business directories (often called “citations”). This is not just links from other sites, this is entries at directories that include your address, phone number, website address and other business details. Examples are Yelp and Free Index

Now you just have to be patient. Google’s results are regularly fluctuating¬†but sometimes getting well-ranked or improving your ranking may take some time.

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