the 3 components of your driving school online strategy

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For many driving instructors the goal for marketing success is to get on the first page of Google. While this is a worthy goal it can be a rather short sighted one. Particularly if you are working in a competitive area served by many driving schools (all with their own websites) then really you are taking a far too narrow a view. You can still get loads of customer enquiries, even without being on page 1!

Instead of just focussing on the narrow goal of Google page 1 you should take a much broader view. An ideal view sees your online marketing strategy as one that involves a number of different elements that complement eachother.

The main elements for marketing are likely to be:

Your website
Social media (Facebook)
Google Business listing
Referrals from other sites

1. Your website
Your site needs to be well built, attractive and with a clear call to action/ point of contact. It needs to use responsive design (resizes for any device), have good use of meta tags good use of keywords in the text and easy to use.

1a Links to your website
This can be in the form of links from other websites, links from online articles, links from Facebook and many more. The benefit of these links is often to boost your sites Google ranking. However these links can ideally drive traffic to your site in the form of genuine people who want to find out about what you offer.

1b Google ranking
There are lots of things that contribute to your Google ranking. it has been suggested there may be up to 200 different ranking factors – far too many to go into here. Amongst tose that are important are – incoming links, page load speed, stickability (do people see your site then click straight away), good coding and use of meta tags

1c Other search engines
Whilst Google makes up the vast majority of the search market, getting good rankings at Bing and Yahoo can still get traffic to your site

2. Social Media
Some driving instructors use Twitter or LinkedIn but really the most appropriate social medium to use for a driving school is good old Facebook. You can find out more about using facebook here. You can get new customers who never visit your site but who contact you direct at Facebook. However, often people who find you at facebook want to know more before they get in touch with you. So they may well want to go to your website to find out more. This person has gone to your site regardless of whether you are position 1 or position 1001 on Google!

3. Google business listing
to be continued