10 reasons why designing your own website can lose you money!

There are plenty of low cost and free website building programmes around and it’s very tempting to go down that route to save money. The problem is that designing your own website may actually LOSE YOU MONEY!

Let me explain why.

  1. The number of hours you have to put into it, would be better off put into actually teaching people to drive – which after all is your area of expertise.
  2. DIY websites rarely rank well in Google. Test it out for yourself – do a search and see how many DIY sites rank well – my bet is very few if any. It is unlikely that you have the expertise to know which keywords you should rank well for. let me test you (answer at the foot of the page) – lets say you are in Bolton. Are people more likely to search for Driving lessons in Bolton or Bolton driving school? Poor keyword selection can mean that you are missing out on your potential clients. A professional website with good use of keywords that are used correctly in the text of your site as well as used properly (and not abused) will get you far more visitors to your site.
  3. Poorly designed websites using out of date colour schemes, poor choice of fonts and low quality images are a massive turn off. People will leave your site as soon as they find it!
  4. A professionally designed site not only looks good but it will be designed with a good call to action, and appropriately prominent ways for people to contact you.
  5. Many website builder apps as well as cheap software such as Serif Webplus produce websites that are not responsive and so fail the Google mobile friendly test.
  6. Many cheap offers start cheap but then get more expensive after 12 months, or you have to pay for expensive upgrades for basic features.
  7. It’s not just about designing the site and adding some text. It’s about understanding what Google wants, what your visitors want and ensuring your site can do it.
  8. What worked with websites two years ago may not work now – don’t rely on second hand out of date information.
  9. A web designer will look at your ideas and your online presence objectively.
  10. Designing your own website is like a pupil teaching themselves to drive. It can be done, but at a cost – and will they end up a safe driver?

Why go to all this hassle? Get a driving school website from Wanasite, pay a simple monthly fee of £9.50 and concentrate on building your business and doing what you are an expert at – teaching people to be safe drivers!